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You have to be found online. Increase your traffic and your leads.


From Keyword Research to Ideal Client Personas, we start at the beginning - and that's Strategy.


SEO takes time. We work over the course of the year to increase links, optimize pages, and improve the technicals.


Your site needs to be monitored and fixed on a regular basis. We use advanced SEO tools to ensure you stay ahead.

We take a strategic approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased traffic and new leads.

SEO myths and lore run rampant on the internet. Since it takes a tremendous amount of time, research, knowledge, and experience to attempt to figure out what search engines want, some people resort to guessing, reading one blog and calling themselves an expert, or just winging it.

Unfortunately, none of these methods are effective and they result in a lot of misinformation spread around online.

Let’s take a look at a few statements and settle some SEO myths.

SEO and SEM are the same thing - False.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM is Search Engine Marketing. While a lot of people tend to throw these terms around as one and the same, they are not.

SEM includes things like PPC, or pay per click, advertising to try to rank on a search engine. SEO, however, is organically created with no payments to search engines. The organic nature of SEO means that it takes time to cultivate with proper techniques like keyword research, keyword density, latent semantic indexing, post timing, and headline tags.


The more keywords you use, the better results you’ll get - False.

Despite this SEO myth having been clearly debunked by Google many years ago, the thinking still lingers. We see it when a client orders content and requests that we “use all these 20 keywords.” Keyword use must be natural, smart, and make sense.

Have you ever seen a page with a sentence like “Chicago Car Services is the best when ordering Chicago Black Car Services in Illinois?” Keyword stuffing results in spammy-sounding content that quickly turns off the reader. Plus, it’s unethical and it doesn’t do anything to boost your rankings. Learn proper SEO keyword techniques and leave the stuffing for the amateurs.

My assistant can do my SEO - False, unless she is also proficient in SEO.

This leads back to the opening of this page. There are many folks out there who believe that SEO is simply a matter of reading a few tip sheets and implementing the suggestions.

Yes, this is a great place to start. But where most in-house SEO efforts fail is in the ability to know whether or not what they are doing is actually correct, but more so, if what they are doing is working. Once you realize the amount of time that effective SEO entails, you’ll want your assistant to suspend the keyword research software and spend their time doing the tasks you hired them to do – assisting you.