Is Word Count Important for SEO?

When SEO people started doing SEO somewhere around 20-25 years ago, one of their big questions was “How many words do I have to have on a page for Google to rank it?” That brings up the point that Google is looking for two things, consistency and authority. One of the ways that they determine authority is by how much original content you put on your web page.

A few years ago, it was primarily text word count. So, one of the rules that I go by is that you should have 1,000 words on your home page, and all of your second level domain pages should have around 350 words. This should all be original content based around a certain keyword. This is far from the most important ranking factor, but it is something you should think about. You probably already know some of this, but it is critical.

Now Google is also looking at video and pictures for originality and for content. The way that Google looks at consistency is they take snapshots of the entire internet over time. They’ll compare your website from where it is today, to where it was six months ago, to where it was two years ago.

If they see consistent improvement in some of these different areas then they’ll rank you higher because they know that you’re consistently being authoritative. Consistency and authority is really what they’re looking for.