What is SEO?

Josh Griffin speaking to a group of people

What is SEO?

SEO is not something that you do once and then it’s done. It’s not like you go into a store and say, “I’d like to buy a box of SEO.” It doesn’t work that way.

An analogy I like to use is going to the gym. There’s Will Smith from Fresh Prince, where he’s all skinny and goofy, and then 20 years later he can play Muhammad Ali and pull it off because he’s jacked.

It took time. It took consistency. It took effort. And it was not fun. Going to the gym on a regular basis and eating right all the time, it’s not fun, but if you want those results, then you have to put in the effort. It’s like that with SEO. It must be consistent and ongoing.

Let’s talk about two different aspects of SEO – on page and off page.

On page SEO is really anything that you do on your website. Anything you do to the domain that you control or on the web page itself is on page SEO. This includes title tags, placing relevant headings, linking out to good content, making a useful page hierarchy, and other items.

Even more critical than on page SEO is off page SEO. This all the stuff that happens off your web page, but is still related. This includes anything you do on Google My Business, or Facebook, or any back links you get from CNN or Fox News. Content that you share and subsequently gets shared is important off page SEO. Information about your web page that resides elsewhere, that’s off page SEO. And you really need both to be successful.Dean Heasley of Nashville Marketing Systems explains how SEO is like Will Smith.