We’re well aware that not everyone in the digital marketing industry operates with the same level of transparency that we do. In fact, you may have been burned in the past. To help ease your concerns, we follow six customer-focused principles to remind us every day of our commitment to earning and keeping your trust.

You have the right to a fair price.

We follow industry standards for our rates and, while we do think we’re pretty awesome, we don’t hype our services just to overcharge you. In fact, we encourage you to shop around and won’t try to strongarm you into a sale. We’re immensely proud of the fact that the majority of our customers come from referrals.

You have the right to know where and how your money is being spent.

Digital marketing can involve many different elements for success. Website builds, hosting, plugins, content, and advertising costs are just a few of the factors that might be involved in your overall services. Before we spend a dime as part of managing your project, you’ll know about it.

You have the right to know exactly what you are paying for.

Even if you don’t have a lot of online marketing experience, you still deserve to know how it all works. We take the time to explain in a clear and uncomplicated style what to expect from a partnership with us. All without empty promises or misleading jargon.

You have the right to know the people who are actually doing your work.

The internet is still a bit of the wild, wild, west in the sense that people are buying and selling products and services at dizzying speeds, sometimes without so much as an introduction. We believe knowing the people who are working on your behalf makes a big difference in your success. For that reason, you’ll always know exactly who is doing what on your project.

You have the right to simple and easy to understand metrics.

For anything to be successful, you have to be able to measure certain indicators and track progress. Unfortunately, not all online tracking systems are especially user friendly. We take the time to convert detailed and often complicated metrics into reports you can easily digest and present to your teams.

You have the right to control and own your own digital assets.

Access to digital property is one area where dishonorable developers sometimes take advantage of unsuspecting business owners. It’s not unheard of for sites to be taken over, disappear, or be blocked. Our terms make it clear from the beginning that your online presence and property belongs exclusively to you. It’s like when a plumber or carpet cleaner enters your home, they should respect everything they touch and leave it better than how they found it. We feel the same way when it comes to your “home” online.

Headshot of Dean Heasley from Nashville Marketing Systems

Dean Heasley graduated with honors with an MBA in Marketing in 2005. He's been in sales and marketing since then. His undergraduate studies earned him a degree in Philosophy and Religion.

He spent a decade in national sales in the elevator industry. Yes, it's really an industry and selling elevators is a real job. Most of his employers looked to him for marketing advice even though he was on the business development side. He's been consulting in one form or another since 2005.

Dean has spoken to the Saint Louis Rams NFL Team and done short term consulting for McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.

His first consulting client in 2005 saved $75,000 in wasted ad spend the first year. They are still using his program 13 years later.

Regina Heasley headshot for Nashville Marketing Systems Inc

Regina Heasley has a degree and Education and spent 5 years as a Special Education teacher in an inner city school.

She uses her teaching skills to educate customers on how an amazing digital presence can increase leads and sales in their businesses.

Gina is active in her local BNI group and networks in the Murfreesboro market. She is very active in several local homeschooling groups and serves at New Vision Baptist Church.

Amanda Cook Content Developer for Nashville Marketing Systems headshot

Amanda has been a professional writer for over 10 years creating engaging articles, blog posts, website content, social media communities, emails, video scripts, and eBooks.

She has helped businesses of all sizes tell their stories and attract followers through valuable, strategically planned content. While she holds a graduate degree in health, her writing work covers industries such as technology, finance and medicine to travel, personal development and non-profit management.

Her first job in 6th grade was as the beat writer assigned to cover her middle school for the local paper. It paid $5 per week.


"Very happy with the service, efforts and communication Dean has with his customers. I had been trying to do my own marketing, with very little success. I'm looking forward to increasing my customer base and I am sure Nashville Marketing Systems has the knowledge and the expertise to accomplish this. I recommend this company very highly."

— Miriam Silva Diaz
Sonshine Carpet Cleaning

"Nashville Marketing Solutions and Dean have provided us with exceptional service and communication. We have seen and experienced increased internet activity with our business since we partnered with them."

— Kevin Sizemore

"I have worked with Dean and his team on many projects, and all have been fantastic. Dean brings a new perspective to the table and his honest, genuine approach is incredibly welcomed. I look forward to working with him for many years to come!"

— Kevin Rippentrop
Elevated Brands

"I met with several companies before choosing Nashville Marketing Systems to handle our digital marketing. We have a smaller, family owned service business, so our time and advertising budget has to be maximized. I also feel that your online presence is one of the most critical aspects of operating a successful business. Dean is constantly working for us, shows us feedback on our progress every month and discusses strategies for moving forward. I'm so glad I chose Dean where I see concrete results and attention to detail instead of choosing a big box company that hands my account off to one of their reps and I hope for results."

- Jim Estes
Estes & Cain HVAC