5 Website Redesign Considerations for Better Rankings

If your SEO rankings are down the drain and your site is not getting enough engagement, a website redesign might be needed. However, there are some essential things to consider when redesigning your website for better rankings.    A website redesign is not always necessary. Other times, it’s absolutely essential, but the scale of the […]

What is the Duct Tape Marketing Network?

The Duct Tape Marketing Network is a group of marketing consultants lead by John Jantsch, the author of Duct Tape Marketing. Some of us in the group are Kevin Jordan, a Virginia marketing consultant, and (Dr.!) Karin Kraska, a New Jersey marketing consultant. The premise of Duct Tape Marketing is that strategy should be developed […]

How Do I Get Backlinks

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The main ranking signal for a local organic search is link signals or back links. That includes anchor text, which we talked about earlier, and the linking domain authority. If you have a really spammy website linking to your website, Google looks at that as bad. If you’ve got a great domain authority website, like […]

Domains, Hosting, and Websites Explained

I get asked from clients all the time about why they have to pay for 3 things for a website. Here’s a video that explains it in as simple terms as I could think of.  

Staying Up-to-Date with SEO – A Critical Part of Your Brand’s Success

You tackled your brand development, website, SEO, and online marketing campaigns. Hours upon hours of figuring out Google, indexing, crawlability, platforms, mobile compatibility, rankings, and all things search engine optimization and marketing relevant. Whew! Take a deep breath. Relax. OK…that’s enough. Back to work. Unfortunately, the world of online marketing does not allow one much […]

Free Stock Photos and Resources

I get asked alot about where to find free images for client’s websites. So, here is a list of places that I use that are free, interesting, and valuable. Be careful, because this can be a deep rabbit hole… Enjoy your free random carrot photo that I found and liked because it’s orange.   Illustrations/Vectors […]

Is Dwell Time Important for SEO?

Dwell time Let’s talk about one of the things for on page SEO that you can’t control but you can influence. This is called dwell time and it is how long somebody spends on your home page or on your website once they find you for a certain keyword. For my friend Luke who makes […]

Why is Page Hierarchy Important?

Here’s some bonus information – the page hierarchy should make sense. The homepage should obviously be the home page, and then anything that’s in the header menu or the footer menu ideally should be the second level. Let’s say you’re a Chinese restaurant and you’ve got a Menu button. That should obviously go to the […]

How to Get the Green Checkmark in McAfee Web Advisor

Dean Heasley from Nashville Marketing Systems speaking to a group at Rutherford Cable

Many of my clients have new websites. McAfee internet security software sometimes has to be told that a site is safe. This isn’t necessarily an SEO factor, but it can affect traffic to the site, which is an SEO factor. I recorded this short video so to show how easy it is to get the […]

Google Webmaster Guidelines and Why They Matter for Your Website

Whether you perform local SEO for yourself or your clients, or you are a web designer, Google has created vital documents that you need to read, understand, and implement. https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/05/helping-webmasters-and-content.html There are a couple documents in this list that are especially helpful. One is the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The other is the SEO starter guide. […]