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You have to be at the top. Increase your traffic and increase your leads.


Starting with a thorough Keyword List allows your costs to stay low and your conversions to be higher in the long run.


Writing effective Google Ads is hard. Nashville Marketing Systems has done it well on many many occasions.


Your AdWords are only as good as they are optimized to be. We are in the console at least weekly making updates.

We take a custom approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased traffic and decreased cost per click.

What is AdWords and How Can It Help Me?

Dean Heasley from Nashville Marketing Systems speaking to a group of people

In its simplest form, AdWords is a platform provided by Google that works on an auction format. Potential advertisers are placed into a pool where they bid on specific keywords/ phrases that they would like to target. These are the keyword phrases you have identified as being most relevant to your page or product, and most likely to convert into sales, sign-ups, visits, or your other end goal results.

Once a query is made on Google for that particular word or phrase, ads from matching advertisers are then shown to the person who made the query.

What makes AdWords different from Facebook Ads?

There are many different sites and platforms online that can help to drive traffic and leads but what makes AdWords highly effective is that many of its searchers are looking for very specific information, and are often seeking to make a purchase.

In contrast, a platform like Facebook, can be tougher to generate leads or sales because it is based primarily on interruption marketing.

Unlike Google AdWords, most users of Facebooks are not looking to make a purchase or join your list. They are generally on Facebook to engage with family, friends, and colleagues and this can often make it more difficult to turn these people into leads. However, we definitely know it’s not impossible…just a little more difficult.

Image of presentation for Nashville Marketing Systems
Image of presentation for Nashville Marketing Systems

How Does Ad Copy Factor in with AdWords?

As a result of “intent,” AdWords can normally result in getting leads much quicker. But with any marketing campaign, a key component of generating quality leads is your ad copy. It’s no different on AdWords.

The competition on Google can be quite stiff and it’s important that you find a way to stand out from the crowd. If your ad copy is weak, you will not be able to generate the click. Ultimately, no click means no traffic and no leads.

If you want to fully capitalize on the power of Google AdWords, you need to spend a fair amount of time ensuring that your ad copy is strong, targeted towards your ideal customer, and congruent with your landing page. If you focus on these factors, you will have far greater success with your ads and click-throughs.