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Trusted Advisors and Partners

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing was developed over 20 years ago as a way to install a turnkey marketing system into small to mid-size businesses. John Jantsch, its founder, has written several books and earned accolades from Forbes, CNBC, the New York Enterprise Report and even reached the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Because of Duct Tape Marketing’s success, approximately 100 consultants around the world have opted to use this system as THE way to implement marketing for their clients. I use this system as the basis for Nashville Marketing System’s process.

Harbor Entertainment

At Harbor Entertainment no vision is ever out of reach. Your vision, your brand; they have the passion to make it a reality. Working with organizations such as Healthways, Avnet, and Sonoco they have built a reputation for innovative brand strategies and unique events.

Whether it’s trade show booth design, set up, event production, concerts, or pyro-technics, Drew and Kasey can create an experience that will boost your brand with customers, clients, and senior management.

Murfreesboro Insurance Solutions

Murfreesboro Insurance Solutions is my best source of information regarding just about anything financial. I trust them and their staff to steer me in the right direction. I also recommend them to my clients that are located in Murfreesboro.


Flywheel is WordPress specific web hosting. It’s blazing fast, mainly because they know their stuff. But also because they are based in Nebraska, of all places for a tech company, and they use servers strategically located in the United States. Their support is amazing, and they have saved my bottom on a few occasions. There is not another web hosting company that I trust.


TH&W CPA's is the premier CPA firm in Murfreesboro. Kevin and his staff take care of all my businesses and my personal accounting with a degree of service and friendliness that is truly unparalleled. More than 50 years in Middle Tennessee.