Link to Google Maps

The next thing is something that very few people do but local businesses should especially pay attention to. A link to your business on Google Maps sends a very strong SEO signal to Google that your webpage and your maps profile are the same. That will help you rank higher. Put a link to the Google map on your contact page at a minimum.

How to Link Your Google Map for Improved SEO

You find the business on Google Maps, which ideally, they should be there already. Then you click on the share button, and then it will pop up a little screen and then you click on embed. You can choose the size and then you just copy the iframe information and go from there. Then you can embed it through HTML or another method on your website. But Google looks at that as a vote of confidence that your website is saying this location matches the website that Google thinks it has. It’s more validation for Google.

Google Maps link screenshot for SEO