Why is Page Hierarchy Important?

Here’s some bonus information – the page hierarchy should make sense. The homepage should obviously be the home page, and then anything that’s in the header menu or the footer menu ideally should be the second level. Let’s say you’re a Chinese restaurant and you’ve got a Menu button. That should obviously go to the menu. And then you’ve got a Locations button. If you’ve got two locations then the two locations should be below that location in the hierarchy. The bottom line is the hierarchy needs to make sense.

One of the reasons for that is Google will put your links, your second level links, in the search results page. You can take up a huge amount of real estate on that search page if the navigation and the hierarchy of your web page makes sense. If it doesn’t make any sense then Google’s like “What the heck am I looking at? All these pages point to different pages, it doesn’t make any sense.”

They’re not going to show this and then you’re going to lose real estate on the search results page.