What is an Alt Description?

The alt description for photos is important, too. I didn’t realize this until recently, but one of the reasons that this is important is for ADA compliance. If you want your website to be ADA compliant, which you should because it’s a law now. There’s a whole thing online about how you can get up […]

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Explained

Many of my new clients tell me they want to rank better in Google. But, there are actually 4 places on a single results page to rank. Ads Maps Organic Search Results Knowledge Panel The following article does a great job of explaining the differences. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/serp  

Are Title Tags Still Important?

Title tags are what show up in the tabs of the website. I try to do three things in each title tag. A local signal, a service signal, and a Google category. A local signal would just be a city such as Lake Worth. I do the marketing for a sheet metal shop in Lake […]

What is Schema Markup?

Schema is a new computer language that tells Google what it’s looking at on a webpage. Now, I don’t know how to code Schema. I don’t know that anybody does except for people at MIT that invented it. But, there’s 100 plugins that help. I use the one called WPSEO Structured Schema or Structured Data, […]

Link to Google Maps

The next thing is something that very few people do but local businesses should especially pay attention to. A link to your business on Google Maps sends a very strong SEO signal to Google that your webpage and your maps profile are the same. That will help you rank higher. Put a link to the […]

Beginner SEO

I get asked to explain SEO all the time. It’s difficult to explain, because of the amount of variables, the constant fluctuation in variable importance, and the disagreement among “Experts”. Here’s a great article by the guys and girls at Moz about the basics of SEO.   https://moz.com/blog/beginners-guide-to-seo-chapter-1 Enjoy. If you’re still overwhelmed, feel free […]

How Often Should I Blog?

Regular content is how you prove to Google that you’re updating your website consistently. Consistency is one of the things that Google looks for. One of the ways to do that is with blogs. If you have a blog, I recommend you post a new 350-word minimum blog at least four times a month. I […]

SEO Goals

Are your SEO goals for 2018 viable? This article goes into what makes an SEO goal SMART. It’s a nice short read for the beginning of 2018. https://searchengineland.com/smart-goals-seo-288724 If you need help with your SEO for this year, please reach out to me. Contact

Is Keyword Density Still Important?

Keyword density is something that a lot of people talk about and it used to be very important. Back in the late 90s, you could rank a web page on Google by putting nonsense. If you wanted to rank a page for “Ford Mustang,” you could just write the words “Ford Mustang” 200 times on […]

Is Word Count Important for SEO?

When SEO people started doing SEO somewhere around 20-25 years ago, one of their big questions was “How many words do I have to have on a page for Google to rank it?” That brings up the point that Google is looking for two things, consistency and authority. One of the ways that they determine […]