How to Get the Green Checkmark in McAfee Web Advisor

screenshot for Murfreesboro SEO company video How To Get the Green Checkmark in McAfee

Many of my clients have new websites. McAfee internet security software sometimes has to be told that a site is safe. This isn’t necessarily an SEO factor, but it can affect traffic to the site, which is an SEO factor. I recorded this short video so to show how easy it is to get the green checkmark.

Google Webmaster Guidelines and Why They Matter for Your Website

Whether you perform local SEO for yourself or your clients, or you are a web designer, Google has created vital documents that you need to read, understand, and implement.

There are a couple documents in this list that are especially helpful. One is the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The other is the SEO starter guide. When I have people call me and ask about starting out in SEO, these are the documents that I tell them to read first.



What is an Alt Description?

The alt description for photos is important, too. I didn’t realize this until recently, but one of the reasons that this is important is for ADA compliance. If you want your website to be ADA compliant, which you should because it’s a law now.

There’s a whole thing online about how you can get up to speed.

Having an alt description is important for visually impaired bled people. For example, if there’s somebody that is blind and they hover over a photo, their speech software will read the alt description. It’s important that this explains what the photo is of. Then Google in turn uses that as part of their SEO.

I would imagine that it also indexes Google images and things?

It does, yes. It’s a big player in helping Google index images.

Are Title Tags Still Important?

Title tags are what show up in the tabs of the website. I try to do three things in each title tag.

A local signal, a service signal, and a Google category.

A local signal would just be a city such as Lake Worth. I do the marketing for a sheet metal shop in Lake Worth, Florida.

Service signals are the service or if you’re a product, whatever the product is. So, “Lake Worth Sheet Metal.” Pretty simple.

Then, if you can match the Google category that’s huge. The Google category for sheet metal is “sheet metal fabricators.” If you can see the whole thing in the tab, it would be “Lake Worth sheet metal fabricators.” We’ve got all three very important things for the title tag. When somebody goes and searches for that, Google sees where everything matches and it’s a good fit. I’m sure that this because it matches, so that’s where we are in the title tags.

The H1 is just the header. All my clients have the H1 that includes preferably some type of local signal, although you can’t always do that without being spammy. But always whatever keyword we’re trying to rank for. The earlier in the text if you can get those key words in the first five words of the H1 that’s ideal. I tried to get “sheet metal” in pretty early in this header for this particular client.